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Built-In Fuctions Supported by EMSO

In the topics below are listed the Built-In Functions Supported by the EMSO process simulator.

Examples of use of the functions were added at the library EML in the folder sample/miscellaneous.


hyperbolic sine sinh(Z) Returns the hyperbolic sine of Z
hyperbolic cosine cosh(Z) Returns the hyperbolic cosine of Z
hyperbolic tangent tanh(Z) Returns the hyperbolic tangent of Z
hyperbolic cotangent coth(Z) Returns the hyperbolic cotangent of Z


sine sin(Z) Returns the sine of Z
cosine cos(Z) Returns the cosine of Z
tangent tan(Z) Returns the tangent of Z
arc sine asin(Z) Returns the angle whose sine is Z
arc cosine acos(Z) Returns the angle whose cosine is Z
arc tangent atan(Z) Returns the angle whose tangent is Z

Vector and Matrix

sum sum(Z) Returns the sum of components of a vector or matrix Z
product prod(Z) Returns the product of a vector or matrix Z
transpose sum sumt(Z) Returns the transpose sum of components of a vector or matrix Z
transpose product prodt(Z) Returns the transpose product of components of a vector or matrix Z
transpose transp(Z) Returns the transpose of a matrix Z


exponential exp(Z) Returns the exponential function, e raised to the power Z
logarithm log(Z) Returns the base 10 logarithm of Z
natural logarithm ln(Z) Returns the natural logarithm (base e) of Z
square root sqrt(Z) Returns the square root of Z

Discontinuous Functions

absolute value abs(Z) Returns the magnitude or absolute value of Z
maximum value max(Z) Returns the maximum value of Z
minimum value min(Z) Returns the minimum value of Z
signal sign(Z) Returns the signal of Z (sign(Z):-1 if Z < 0 e 1 if Z > 0)
small integer round(Z) Returns the small integer value of Z