Built-In Fuctions Supported by EMSO

In the topics below are listed the Built-In Functions Supported by the EMSO process simulator.

Examples of use of the functions were added at the library EML in the folder sample/miscellaneous.

Element-by-Element Functions

All functions in this category work for scalars, vectors, and matrices.

The returned values of these functions always have the same dimensions of its arguments.


hyperbolic sine sinh(Z) Returns the hyperbolic sine of Z
hyperbolic cosine cosh(Z) Returns the hyperbolic cosine of Z
hyperbolic tangent tanh(Z) Returns the hyperbolic tangent of Z
hyperbolic cotangent coth(Z) Returns the hyperbolic cotangent of Z


sine sin(Z) Returns the sine of Z
cosine cos(Z) Returns the cosine of Z
tangent tan(Z) Returns the tangent of Z
arc sine asin(Z) Returns the angle whose sine is Z
arc cosine acos(Z) Returns the angle whose cosine is Z
arc tangent atan(Z) Returns the angle whose tangent is Z


exponential exp(Z) Returns the exponential function, e raised to the power Z
logarithm log(Z) Returns the base 10 logarithm of Z
natural logarithm ln(Z) Returns the natural logarithm (base e) of Z
square root sqrt(Z) Returns the square root of Z
Time derivative diff(Z) Returns the derivative of a function Z with respect to time

Discontinuous Functions

absolute value abs(Z) Returns the magnitude or absolute value of Z
maximum value max(Z) Returns the maximum value of Z
minimum value min(Z) Returns the minimum value of Z
signal sign(Z) Returns the signal of Z (sign(Z):-1 if Z < 0 e 1 if Z > 0)
small integer round(Z) Returns the small integer value of Z

Matrix Transformation Functions

The functions in this category make sense only for vector and matrix arguments. The return value can be a scalar, vector, or matrix depending on the function and the argument.

Vector and Matrix

sum sum(VEC) Returns a scalar with the sum of all elements of the vector VEC
sum(MAT) Returns a vector with the sum of each column of the matrix MAT
sumt(MAT) Returns a vector with the sum of each row of the matrix MAT
product prod(VEC) Returns a scalar with the product of all elemtns of the vector VEC
prod(MAT) Returns a vector with the product of each column of the matrix MAT
prodt(MAT) Returns a vector with the product of each row of the matrix MAT
transpose transp(MAT) Returns the transpose of a matrix MAT
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