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EMSO is the acronym for Environment for Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization.
EMSO é a sigla para Environment for Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization.

EMSO is a graphical environment where the user can model complex processes simply selecting and connecting the equipment models.
O EMSO é um ambiente gráfico onde o usuário pode modelar processos complexos simplesmente selecionando e conectando os modelos dos equipamentos.


The main features of EMSO follows:
Principais características do EMSO:

  • Entirely written in C++
  • A fairly portable code, currently available for Windows and Linux but can be compiled for other platforms if desired
  • It is an Equation-Oriented simulator
  • The unique Equation-Oriented simulator with units-of-measurement checking for the equations
  • A large set of built-in functions
  • Models are written in a modeling language, the user does not need to be a programmer
  • Models are converted to system of equations in memory, no compilation or linking is needed
  • An open library of models, called EML
  • Built-in code for symbolic differentiation which enables the system to solve high-index problems
  • Built-in code for automatic differentiation which makes the system very efficient
  • Can make use of machine optimize BLAS routines
  • Currently support:
    • static simulation
    • dynamic simulation
    • static optimization
    • parameter estimation of static models
    • parameter estimation of dynamic models
  • A graphical user interface which can be used to model development, simulation execution, and results visualizing
  • A system of PlugIns where the user can embed code written in C, C++ or FORTRAN into the models
  • A very modular system - all solvers are DLL's and the user can even write their own NewSolver


In most cases the models available on the library of models EML can be used without modification. But the user can develop its own new models using the EMSO modeling language.
Na maioria dos casos, os modelos disponíveis na biblioteca de modelos EML podem ser utilizados sem modificações. Mas o usuário pode ainda desenvolver seus próprios modelos utilizando a linguagem de modelagem do sistema.


EMSO screenshot


In the downloads section you can download the EMSO installation package. The ChangeLog contains the description of changes in each version. Further, in this link you will find documentation and short courses material.
Na seção de downloads o pacote de instalação do EMSO pode ser baixado. O ChangeLog contém uma lista com as modificações em cada versão. Neste mesmo link também podem ser encontrados os manuais de utilização e material de cursos relacionados.


Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/XP

Download the installation package emso-win32-<version>.exe and just follow the steps of the guided setup.

NOTE: in order to run samples which need thermo-physical properties prediction, install VRTherm DEMO from


Download the installation package emso-linux2-<architecture>-<version>.tar.gz and extract it with the following command (considering architecture=i386 and version=0.9.50)

$ tar xzvf emso-linux2-i386-0.9.50.tar.gz

The above command will extract emso to the current directory, the executable is under the bin directory.

NOTE: currently only Ubuntu Linux version 7.04 is supported, you will need the following additional packages:

  • refblas3 or atlas3-(optimized for your machine)
  • libumfpack4
  • libfox-1.4

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