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    99e conectando os modelos dos equipamentos.[[Tr(end)]]
     11== Features ==
     13The main features of EMSO follows:
     14[[Tr(begin)]]Principais características do EMSO:[[Tr(end)]]
     16 * Entirely written in C++
     17 * A fairly portable code, currently available for '''Windows''' and '''Linux''' but can be compiled for other platforms if desired
     18 * It is an Equation-Oriented simulator
     19 * The unique Equation-Oriented simulator with '''units-of-measurement checking''' for the equations
     20 * Models are written in a '''modeling language''', the user does not need to be a programmer
     21 * Built-in code for symbolic differentiation which enables the system to solve '''high-index''' problems
     22 * Built-in code for automatic differentiation which makes the system '''very efficient'''
     23 * Currently support static simulation, dynamic simulation, and static optimization
     24 * A graphical user interface which can be used to model development, simulation execution, and results visualizing
     25 * A system of '''PlugIns''' where the user can embed code written in C, C++ or FORTRAN into the models
     26 * A very modular system, all solvers are DLL's
     28== Models ==
    1130In most cases the models available on the library of models [wiki:EML] can be used without modification.
    1231But the user can develop its own new models using the EMSO modeling language.
    1433Mas o usuário pode ainda desenvolver seus próprios modelos utilizando a linguagem de modelagem do sistema.[[Tr(end)]]
    16 === Download ===
     35== Download ==
    1837In the [wiki:Download downloads] section you can download the EMSO installation package. Further, in this link you will find