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EML - EMSO Model Library

The library of models which comes with the EMSO process simulator is known as EML (EMSO Model Library).
A biblioteca de modelos que acompanha o simulador EMSO é conhecida como EML (EMSO Model Library).

Models Included

Currently, EML contains models for several equipments of the chemical and petrochemical industry:
Hoje a EML contempla modelos para diversos equipamentos da indústria química e petroquímica:

  • Separation
    • Flash (dynamic and static)
    • Condenser (dynamic and static with subcooling)
    • Reboiler (dynamic and static)
    • Partial Reboiler (static)
    • Equilibrium stage - Tray
    • Splitter
    • Pump
    • Mixer
    • Cylindrical Tank
    • Horizontal Cylindrical Tank
    • Distillation Column Section
    • Distillation Column
    • Distillation Column with static reboiler and condenser with subcooling
    • Distillation Column with static reboiler and dynamic condenser
    • Distillation Column with dynamic reboiler and condenser with subcooling
    • Rectifier Column
    • Rectifier Column with subcooling
    • Refluxed stripping
    • Refluxed stripping with subcooling
    • Refluxed absorption
    • Refluxed absorption with subcooling
    • Reboiled stripping
    • Reboiled stripping with static reboiler
    • Reboiled absorption
    • Reboiled absorption with static reboiler
  • Controllers
    • PID
    • PID Incremental
    • IAE
    • ISE
  • Heat Exchangers
    • Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers - Simplified Shortcut Model
    • Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers - Rigorous Detailed Model
    • Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers - Rigorous Zone Calculations Model
    • Multi-Stream Heat Exchangers - MHeatex
    • Cooler
    • Heater

Models Repository

EML is distributed as open source software (see OpenLicense), you can check the last changes using the browser?.
A EML é distribuída nos moldes de software livre (veja OpenLicense), verifique as últimas alterações e navege no seu código fonte utilizando o browser?.

If you prefer, download here an automatic generated package with the latest version of EML. The development branches of the library can be downloaded here.
Se preferir baixe aqui o pacote gerado automaticamente contendo a versão mais recente da EML. Os branches de desenvolvimento da biblioteca podem ser baixados aqui.

Também é possível baixar a EML utilizando o sistema de controle de versões via o endereço

Another option is to use Subversion to get a local copy of the library:
Outra opção é utilizar o Subversion para obter uma cópia local da biblioteca:

svn co biblioteca

For Windows users we recommend TortoiseSVN, instead of the console version of Subversion.
Para os usuários do Windows é aconselhado o uso do TortoiseSVN.

Detailed Documentation

In the document ManualEML you will find a complete reference for all models of EML (currently only in Portuguese).
No arquivo ManualEML encontra-se um guia de referência detalhado para cada um dos modelos integrantes da EML.

Another interesting links are:

Contributed Models

You can also use the ALSOC portal to share your own models. Depending on the generality of your models they can be even incorporated into EML.