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#42 fixed New models for source and sink Paula Bettio Staudt Rafael de Pelegrini Soares

It should be nice to have models for stream source and sink.

These models could have calculation routines enabling to specify/inspect streams in several different basis, eg:

  • Molar
  • Mass
  • Volumetric

The source model should replace the current streamTP.

We also could use this ticket to discuss about the current streams implementation.

#43 fixed Saving file during the simulation Rafael de Pelegrini Soares Paula Bettio Staudt

When you save a file which is a "using file" of a simulation that is already running, EMSO stops the simulation but no message is given. And after that, EMSO doesn't work very well, it's necessary restart the application.

#46 fixed Function sign() Rafael de Pelegrini Soares Argimiro Resende Secchi

This function should return zero when the argument is zero, but it is returning -1.

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