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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#128 Open thermodynamic calculation library new task minor Thermodynamic Package EMSO
#139 0.90.60? new task major Graphical Interface EMSO
#37 Possibilidade de seleção de variáveis para graficar new enhancement minor EMSO GUI
#44 Report time values using units indicated by the user new enhancement trivial EMSO GUI
#51 Console and Problems windows: new features new enhancement minor EMSO GUI
#58 Plot windows and menu new enhancement major EMSO GUI
#59 Setting solver parameters assigned enhancement major EMSO Solvers
#80 Unit and DisplayUnit properties new enhancement minor EMSO
#83 Formatting in Output Levels new enhancement minor EMSO GUI
#129 Copy as RTF new enhancement major EMSO GUI
#130 Add possibility to see a table of results new enhancement minor EMSO
#131 Remove variables from a plot new enhancement major EMSO
#133 UOM on reconciled values new enhancement minor EMSO
#138 Linearização em espaço de estado truncada new enhancement major EMSO
#140 Report variable that is causing an event new enhancement major EMSO Solvers
#141 Perguntar antes de fechar o programa new enhancement minor EMSO
#143 F1 help new enhancement major EMSO
#148 Zip without installation reopened enhancement major EMSO
#149 Graph enhancement new enhancement major EMSO
#151 EMSO forum new enhancement major Portal
#8 Botão Salvar habilitado mesmo quando o arquivo ainda não foi modificado assigned defect minor EMSO GUI
#9 Falha do Solver mebdf assigned defect major EMSO Solvers
#32 Erros de sintaxe fecham o EMSO ao se salvar o arquivo reopened defect major EMSO
#41 Errors management/reporting reopened defect major EMSO
#50 Option index1 for integration is not working new defect major EMSO
#54 Parameter already SET new defect major EMSO
#71 Floating point error messages assigned defect major EMSO GUI
#79 Problemas de convergência para Estimação de Parâmetros new defect major EMSO
#82 NLPSolver in FlowSheet new defect minor EMSO
#84 Unexpected wrong length of arguments in plugins new defect major EMSO
#117 Cannot specify an array index for an outer parameter reopened defect major EMSO
#118 Error in operations involving outer parameters new defect major EMSO
#120 Line association with error message new defect major EMSO GUI
#121 EMSO returns a mistaken error message when it checks a switch-case conditional equation. new defect major EMSO
#122 Error in some attributes for PARAMETERS and VARIABLES. new defect minor EMSO
#123 Problem with functions prod() and prodt() in dynamic mode new defect critical EMSO
#124 EMSO closes when run button is pressed new defect major EMSO
#127 Documentation generation unusable with internet explorer new defect minor EMSO
#132 pfd files crash EMSO new defect major EMSO
#134 Error to use a vector of PP external routines new defect critical EMSO
#136 Problems with inequalities new defect major EMSO
#146 EMSO crashes on open PFD files under non-write permission folder reopened defect major EMSO
#150 Round() function doesn't work new defect critical EMSO
#154 Devices path not written in PFD files new defect major EMSO
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