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1using "types";
3VolumeFlowRate                  as flow_vol (Brief="Volumetric Flow Rate", DisplayUnit='m^3/d', Lower = 0);
4MassConcentration               as conc_mass (Brief="Mass Concentration", DisplayUnit='g/l', Lower=-1.0, Upper = 1e10);
5Alkalinity                                      as Real (Brief="Alkalinity", final Unit='mol/l', Lower=0.0);
6SedimentationVelocity as Real (Brief="Sedimentation Velocity", final Unit='m/d');
7SedimentationFlux               as Real (Brief="Sedimentation Flux", final Unit= 'g/(m^2*d)');
8SludgeVolumeIndex       as Real (Brief="Sludge Volume Index", final Unit= 'ml/g');
9decayRate                                       as Real (Brief="growth and Decay Rate", final Unit= '1/d');
10ReacRate                                           as Real (Brief="Reaction Rate", final Unit= 'kg/m^3/s');
11GeneralFactor              as Real (Brief="General Factor",final Unit='g/(m^3*m)');
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