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        LABS - Infraestrutura do DEQUI/PPGEQ

Sobre o LVPP


This page is outdated, please visite for updated information.

In the Virtual Laboratory for Properties Prediction (in portuguese: Laboratório Virtual de Predição de Propriedades - LVPP) we develop calculation methods for the precition of properties of industrial relevant mixtures. Computational codes are developed in different programming languages, mainly Java, C, C++, Scilab, and Matlab.

Of particular interest is the development of methods and codes for phase equilibria prediction with special attention on COSMO-based models, advanced equations of state and mixing rules. We also support an open-source code for COSMO-SAC computations, available here.

Regarding process simulation, we also collaborate with the Simulation Laboratory (in portuguese: Laboratório de Simulação - LASIM).

Recent publications and supplementary materials








Graduate students

  • Brunna Barcellos
  • Guilhreme Braganholo Flôres
  • Guilherme Pimentel
  • Henrique Mezzomo
  • Julian Vieira Silveira
  • Luiz Felipe Kusler Possani
  • Léa Soledar dos Santos
  • Marcelo Bauer
  • Marcus Vinicius Pereira
  • Melissa de la Rocha
  • Neumara Bender
  • Rafael Nolibos Almeida

Undergraduate students

  • Alana Massolini
  • Augusto Mohr Christmann
  • Bruno Assis Pessi
  • Helena Arede
  • Miguel Hentoux
  • Renata Lorencini Simões
  • Vanessa Graeff

Former students

  • Bruno Éttori Bueno
  • Eduardo Oliveira
  • Josias Junges
  • Lauren Batista Brondani
  • Leonardo Winck Jacques
  • Pedro Niederhageböck Sidou
  • Renan Pereira Gerber

Contact Information

Prof. Rafael de Pelegrini Soares
Chemical Engineering Department - UFRGS
office: +55 51 3308 3528


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